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EDC is an NY-Metro and Long Island business solutions provider and is headquartered in New York with an office on Long Island.

New York's largest companies depend on EDC to provide and service the industry's leading technologies in business automation and document management.

The company offers a wide range of products and service's throughout the greater NY-Metro and Long Island area, including office equipment, electronic archiving, and distribution. Services offered under the "EDC" brand include:

  • Office Automation Products
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Mailing Equipment

History of EDC

EDC was originally founded in 1957 as Elbar Duplicator Corp. For over 60 years we have been a business equipment supplier and services company headquarter in Queens, New York. Elbar Duplicator Corp. was originally created to supply and service business equipment.

Since July 2006, the company has substantially increased the emphasis it places on and the resources devoted to becoming a total solutions provider.

Because of its origins as a diversified company, EDC continues to have interest in the various technologies through its relationships with its manufactures and service providers. The company continues to determine the strategic fit of these technologies for businesses in providing a full range of products and service's in the NY-Metro and Long Island area.

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