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We didn’t build it to keep your business competitive. We built it to put you in the lead
The smart, fast, easy, friendly, quiet, secure, remotely controlled KODAK Scan Station 500.

Add performance and power—in a small package—to your business.

Getting documents into the workflow fast is essential. Helping your business do more with those documents is even more important. That’s why we built the KODAK Scan Station 500. It’s a network scanning device loaded with smart features that make it easy to integrate, manage, and scan.

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Send information. Not just data

ss500 in Office

Our exclusive Voice Attachment feature gives you the option to record and send essential directions with your documents.

Make sure everyone gets the message.

With one scan, send a document to the network, to e-mail, to the printer, to fax, to a USB drive, to FTP, to Secure FTP and to FTP secure and to the “cloud” destinations such as MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT and EVERNOTE—simultaneously!

Built for Remote Administration:

  • Network Setup Wizard for easy configuration
  • Create and manage lists of Scan Station 500 devices
  • Group and classify managed devices
  • Update the configuration and embedded software of one, some or all managed devices
  • View the status of managed devices
  • Remotely access single managed devices

Built to be Faster:

  • Up to 9X faster than the competition (200 dpi, color duplex mode)
  • Scan up to 3,000 pages per day
  • Auto orientation reduces document prep time and labor
  • Robust and versatile paper handling
  • Feeder tray accommodates up to 75 pages
  • Single-pass, double-sided scanning saves time

Built to be Secure:

  • Enable or disable scanning to portable flash drives
  • User Authentication based upon standard Windows OS™ authentication
  • Transaction log tracks all usage
  • Tighter security to help prevent malicious access
  • PDF private key encryption
  • Secure login via LDAP and sLDAP
  • Send files via Secure FTP (SFTP) and FTP Secure (FTPs)
  • Secure remote administration via HTTPS and SSL

Built to Integrate:

Integration with applications developed by independent software vendor partners is achieved with an “open architecture” model in the series — the KODAK Scan Station 520EX. Integration could include the ability to:

  • Install a custom scanning application
  • Add a custom application within Kodak’s application

Built to be Easy to Use:

  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Image preview capability
    • view; edit, delete and replace images
  • Frequent job settings can be programmed for timesaving convenience
  • Kodak’s Perfect Page Scanning for great image quality—automatically
  • LDAP address lookup is compatible with your company directory
Scan Station 500 Touchscreen
The large 20.3 cm (8 in.) LCD touchscreen makes it easy for everyone to scan and share.

Built to be Office Friendly:

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Integrated fax/modem - no need for a separate fax machine - incoming fax to email and to PDF
  • Scan and send with one device—no additional hardware or software required
  • Ergonomically correct for standing or seated operation
  • Ideal for walk-up or dedicated use
  • Optional KODAK A3 Flatbed Accessory allows you to scan oversized and fragile documents

Built to Inspire Confidence: