Automate mail opening. Take the effort out of folding documents!




Opening letters can be fun but if you have lots of them to open and little time to do it in; the DL50 letter opener is the solution.

Simplify and speed the opening of your incoming mail. The  DL50™ Letter Opener is great in an office environment helping you easily open a wide range of envelopes. Its compact design lets you keep it right on your desktop or a central office location - all within arms reach for convenient operation.

  • Opens up to 20 letters per minute
  • Easy to use convenient solution
  • Opens all common envelope types  
  • Compact desktop size  
  • Includes Stacker



The DL200 letter opener has the ability to automatically open up to 250 letters per minute. Its compact tabletop design allows the user to automatically feed a wide range of mail pieces.

For organizations with moderate incoming mail volume the DL200 vastly improves the speed of processing. It opens envelopes automatically handling mail pieces of varying dimensions and thickness while ensuring the safety of the operator with its shielded cutting mechanism.


  • Processes up to 250 envelopes per minute
  • The cutting device is securely housed inside the system so you and your employees are safe and protected.
  • The paper waste generated from the envelope is neatly stored in an easily accessible waste area.
  • Adjustable cutter gives you the flexibility to choose the depth that you want your envelopes to be opened - helping to protect the contents.
  • The counter can be reset to track the number of pieces each time you process mail.



Automatically open up to 400 envelopes a minute with quick, easy and clean operation. Protect the contents of incoming mail. No jogging or tamping of mail required.

Start the day off right with a fast safe and secure process to open your daily mail. The DL400™ High Speed Letter Opener is a powerful tool that saves precious time eliminates a tedious task and ensures that your receivables donations business reply mail and returned forms can be processed quickly when the day begins.

  • Advanced milling technology – removes small chips from the envelope edge preventing damage to the contents and leaving a soft feathered edge that prevents paper cuts.
  • Quick and Easy – open most sizes and types of envelopes including rigid overnight packs.
  • Clean Operation – waste is minimized and easy to dispose.

OMATION 306 Letter Opener


The world’s fastest, most robust and efficient envelope opener.

Combining the latest in mail opening technology with refined ergonomics, the OMATION 306 sets a new standard for high volume mail processing. The improved milling cutter removes chips as small as 0.25mm from the envelope edge for safe and secure extraction. The new operator control software allows for more flexibility and easier job setup. With breakthrough speeds up to 40,000 envelopes per hour, the OMATION 306 can reliably open envelopes with milling technology more efficiently than ever.

Envelopes can be output to two locations based on programmable criteria such as thickness, length, and height. With its ability to identify “clean mail” from “exception mail,” the OMATION to ensure maximum productivity by opening and sorting envelopes in a single pass.

The OMATION 306 Letter Opener gets the job done fast – day after day. But that doesn’t mean you’ll need to invest in expensive and time consuming operator training. In fact, it’s so simple to operate that even inexperienced staff can easily achieve maximum speeds with little effort.

The OMATION 306 Letter Opener can save your business time and money. It combines the latest technology in mail opening and features refined ergonomics to aid operator workflow.

The unit has an improved milling cutter, removing chips as small as 0.25mm from the edge of the envelope. The unit produces a soft, feathered edge while protecting valuable envelope contents.

With speeds of up to 40,000 pieces per hour, it can reliably open and process mail with optimum productivity. Most significantly, the Model 306 is also available with enhanced sorting capabilities. Envelopes can be output to two locations based on programmable criteria such as thickness, length, and height.

Optional batching capability allows items to be grouped together in pre-selected lot sizes to aid workflow and monitor operator productivity.


OfficeRight™ folder DF800


With the ability to load paper on the fly, the DF800 can fold up to 13,000 pieces per hour and helps you prepare your mail effortlessly to get the job done!

There are many effective ways to use the mail to communicate to your customers. Studies show that companies that stay in touch are much more likely to have higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Use the mail to:

  • Generate sales leads and store/website traffic
  • Communicate special offers news information
  • Raise new service and product awareness
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Enhance brand recognition
  • Fold up to 13000 pieces per hour

Create mailings quickly and easily with the DF800 OfficeRight™ folder!


  • 325 sheet feeder
  • 7 different folds
  • 5 speeds (adjustable while running)
  • Modern backlit LCD control panel
  • Stores up to 20 jobs
  • Load on the fly
  • Optional high-capacity stacker

OfficeRight™ folder DF900


This heavy duty and high-performance folder automatically feeds, folds and collects your envelope-ready documents in the standard stacker – at speeds up to 20,000 pieces per hour!

Studies show that companies that stay connected with their customers are much more likely to have higher levels of customer satisfaction and more repeat business. Leveraging the mail is a great and economical way to accomplish that.

The DF900 OfficeRight™ Folder can help you create mailings to raise new service and product awareness build customer loyalty enhance brand recognition and so much more quickly and easily.


  • Fold up to 20000 pieces per hour
  • 500 sheet feeder
  • 7 different folds
  • 7 speeds (adjustable while running) 
  • Modern backlit LCD control panel 
  • Stores up to 20 jobs 
  • Load on the fly
  • Optional cross-folding capability 
  • Optional high-capacity stacker


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