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Mailing Software

Automatic label affixers are the practical way to apply pressure sensitive labels automatically, eliminating the tedious, labor-intensive and manual "peeling and sticking" process. They boost office productivity, get your mailings out on time, and free your staff to do jobs that are more important.

Tabbers automatically apply wafer seals to a wide variety of open-ended media including mail pieces, folded stock, double postcards, newsletters, booklets, etc. Additionally, with secured mail you earn automation-compatible postal discounts.

Tabbers / Labelers

Tabber - Jet 1 - Secap EDC Jet 1 Tabber Meet all your requirements for tabbing, labeling, stamping and decal affixing with the floor model EDC Jet 1 Tabber. Easy to set up and operate in-line or off-line offering the highest productivity for today's mailing professionals. Its superb design and engineering combined with EDC USA's first class support insures your company years of reliable production.

Tabber - 1030 - SecapEDC Model 2000 The Ameritek 2000 tabber from EDC offers heavy duty construction and high productivity from a table top unit. Versatile tabber that runs in-line or off-line.

Tabber - 1030 - Secap

EDC Model 1030 The 1030 Tabber provides an affordable tabbing solution. The EDC 1030 Tabber is a compact, tab and wafer seal applicator that automatically applies adhesive tabs on open-ended mail.

Tabber -1012 - SecapEDC Model 1012 The 1012 Tabber and Label Affixer is a fast, off-line tabletop unit that applies tabs/wafer seals at productions speeds.

Tabber - 1030 - SecapEDC Model 2020 The 2020 Dual Tabber easily applies one or two tabs in a single pass. Heavy-duty construction, precision feeding and accurate tab application all at production speeds up to 21,000 pieces per hour.

Sealer - 720 - Secap

EDC Sealer Model 720 The 720 automatic sealer is the fast and practical way to seal all your outgoing envelopes. Eliminates manual wetting, flap folding and sealing of envelopes.