document management

Setting the standard for office integration Compatibility

In today's interconnected world, business users seek more than industry leading printing, copying, scanning and faxing capabilities from their Multi-Function Products (MFPs). They seek integrated product offerings, connecting their hardcopy documents to the applications that allow them to manage their business.

EDC's commitment to meeting this evolving market demand has lead to partnerships with leading software companies, enabling us to bring to market MFPs that can seamlessly connect to key document applications, making them a vital part of any business workflow.

Each of our partners offers document applications integral to operating in today's business climate. Their products complement EDC's award-winning Digital Imagers, allowing your office to improve document workflow efficiency, control hardcopy costs as well as secure confidential information. Of course, while still providing outstanding reliability and functionality, making EDC's Digital IMAGERs an essential component of any organization's business process.

Founded in 2002, Treeno Software is a provider of powerful and easy-to-use Global Content Management software solutions. We enable organizations of all types and sizes to improve operational efficiency, automate business processes, and simplify regulatory compliance preparation through the ability to centrally store, access, manage, and share electronic and paper-based files across every department, office and location.
Whether you're a small local company or a large global corporation, Treeno's integrated content, document and workflow management solutions enable your users to instantly and easily find any document, prevent lost records, keep sensitive documents secure and much more. And, the Treeno system allows you to work within your existing line-of-business systems and applications without changing the way you do business - we work the way you work. 


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